Stantec Consulting Services, Inc

Company Description

Stantec offers engineering and environmental services so mining companies can access resources safely and in an environmentally sustainable way. From front- end studies to mine closure and reclamation, we keep clients at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry. We take pride in leveraging innovations from all industries and applying them to even the most complex mining challenges. With over 30 years of creative problem solving for clients and communities around the world, our approach is defined by a commitment to communities, creativity, and client relationships. Balancing these priorities results in projects that advance quality of life in communities near mines and around the globe.

Our services encompass every stage of the mining life cycle including exploration and resource assessment, feasibility studies and project management, environmental baseline and permitting, mine development and closure planning, civil infrastructure, mine facilities, operations support, tailings and waste, and legacy remediation.

Stantec’s mining, metals and minerals team is comprised of specialists in mining engineering, mine water and waste management, hydrogeology, material handling, mine ventilation, mine power and more. With more than 1,200 global staff members dedicated to mining and 27,000 employees across multiple industries, we offer the flexibility and responsiveness of a small firm with the expertise and resources of a large company.


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